Find Your Inner Peace with These Five Unusual Types of Yoga

Yoga is a fantastic exercise that allows you to work your body, mind, and soul simultaneously. If you find yourself falling asleep on your mat during traditional yoga classes, however, it may be time to switch up your routine. These five unusual types of yoga will help you take your yoga practice to the next level.

Dog Yoga

Looking for a way to involve your four-legged best friend in your workout routine? Consider signing up for a dog yoga, or doga, class. These classes are typically more relaxed and allow the pet and owner to come together and create a peaceful harmony. This practice is perfect for pups who prefer to spend their days lounging on the couch, and it’s a fun way for dog-lovers to center their body and mind.

Paddle Board Yoga

Perhaps you find inner peace through the beauty of the great outdoors. If so, paddle board yoga may be right for you. This yoga style adds the challenge of staying upright on your paddle board to traditional yoga poses and routines. You’ll test your balancing skills and core strength as you try your best to stay out of the water. One of the biggest perks of paddle board yoga is that, if you find yourself getting a little sweaty after a strenuous session, you can simply hop in the water for a quick cool-down.

Goat Yoga

One of the more popular, yet still highly unusual, types of yoga is goat yoga. This practice is similar to traditional yoga classes, with the added twist of goat participants. Yogis who partake in these classes often find they’ve become a playground for rambunctious baby goats. Performing a downward dog with a goat on your back is easier said than done, making this yoga class the perfect way to test your core and upper body strength.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga takes your regular yoga practice to new heights. This form of yoga combines aerial silks, which are often used in circus performances, with classic poses. Performing these poses while dangling from fabric slings provides an added challenge that allows participants to truly put their balance and core strength to the test.

Tantrum Yoga

Yoga is often portrayed as a very quiet and calm exercise. In tantrum yoga classes, however, participants are invited to release their pent-up emotions and scream to their heart’s content. Tantrum yoga is a cathartic experience in which participants leave all their stresses and anxieties on the mat, allowing them to return to their daily lives with a clear head and heart. This yoga style also incorporates dance and laughter, as well as traditional yoga poses that serve as a cool-down from the tantrum.