Exercise is good for most people, but exercise may not be good for everyone, especially if an individual has an underlying, undetected or ignored, health problem. Exercising when you are not prepared properly, or exercising excessively can cause nagging injuries, serious injuries or even death.

See a Physician, First
To avoid possible harm from physical exercise, medical and fitness experts recommend that a person see a physician for consultation before starting an exercise program — even if no apparent health problems exist.

Don’t Ignore Pain or Other Symptoms
You need to see a physician if you experience pain, numbness, dizziness, weakness, fatigue; or if you actually see or feel something (to the touch) out of the ordinary. Beware that even ‘back pain’ that you ‘live with’ could be a serious problem that is developing and becoming life threatening. Only a physician can diagnose, rule out and/or treat serious, even fatal conditions.

Websites Communicate General Information to All People
Websites don’t publish specific information that is ideally fit for all individuals. You may have a specific anatomical feature that is abnormal compared to the “normal” person that is considered in published exercise instruction, or general descriptions of human motion. You should never take a website communication as the FINAL WORD. The information is general information. It is your duty to apply knowledge to understand your specific conditions and goals and follow your own judgment — with the help of physicians, physical therapists, coaches, athletic trainers, and personal trainers.

Exercise-Reports.com is an Information and Media Website
Some of the news and information published on Exercise-Reports.com is aggregated from other news media and fitness information websites. Often third-party information is provided without any type of review or commentary from Exercise-Reports.com, and is made available as consumption for information only. Any information shared or published from third-party news, fitness information, or sports medicine information websites is made available for information only, and is not an endorsement or recommendation for your specific fitness condition or medical condition.

Info About Exercise Instructions
Videos and instructions are provided for general information only and in no way should be considered a substitute for medical advice or information directly to you from a health care provider. Although Exercise-Reports.com attempts to provide accurate information, videos are provided “as-is” and all warranties, conditions and representations are excluded; and if warranties, conditions and representations are provided by a third party video, image, or quotation; they are the responsibility of the third party.

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Exercise, health promotion, wellness, and sports medicine information is provided to a general audience. Each aspiring exercise INDIVIDUAL is encouraged to seek additional information via personal research (by using additional reliable sources available from, but not limited to scholastic journals and textbooks available on the Internet, at libraries and at medical libraries) to attain understanding and clarification of information provided on Exercise-Reports.com. In addition, each aspiring exercise INDIVIDUAL is advised to discuss the information on Exercise-Reports.com with their health care provider before attempting any exercise or exercise program. IN NO WAY is any information provided by Exercise-Reports.com guaranteed to provide specific beneficial information recommended and directed to any specific INDIVIDUAL or any INDIVIDUAL’S specific medical condition, health condition or fitness conditioning level.

Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. Before attempting a new exercise take into account factors such as flexibility, strength, and overall health to determine whether or not a particular exercise is appropriate for you. While a fitness lifestyle is generally beneficial to a number of people in a population, any exercise by an INDIVIDUAL is inherently dangerous, especially if performed improperly, and can result in damage to property, personal injury or even death. Any injury sustained from proper or improper use of documented exercise on Exercise-Reports.com is solely the responsibility of the person exercising. Exercise-Reports.com disclaims any liability from injury, death or damage sustained from the use of exercise information.

For optimal safety, injury prevention and health promotion; exercisers are strongly urged to consult a professional healthcare provider before attempting any exercise or exercise program.

For optimal safety, injury prevention and health promotion; exercisers are strongly urged to choose safe locations, safe equipment, and be aware of surroundings and potentially dangerous behavior of people exercising and using exercise equipment in your proximity before attempting any exercise or exercise program.