Exercising Tips Seniors Need to Know: Exercise Machines vs Free Weights and More

Getting regular exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body, but it can get harder as you age. However, there are still many ways to stay active. Here are some exercising tips seniors need to know about.

Use Machines

While free-weights are an excellent way to gain muscle, as you age, it can become dangerous for you to continue to use them, especially without proper instruction. Instead of performing a frenetic exercise that you may have done years ago, a much safer alternative is to use machines. You can still remain healthy and push yourself with machines without putting yourself in as much risk. For best results, consult an expert to maintain balance exercise because machine exercise only indirectly helps with balance. Exercises on machines lack the methods that help direct motor-sensory skill development.

Try Yoga

A great form of exercise that you should consider trying is yoga. The great thing about yoga is that it doesn’t require any equipment other than a mat, and it has many health benefits, such as improving your flexibility. Yoga is also incredibly calming and known for being a great stress reliever. Avoid very large classes where you don’t get as much personal attention by the instructor.

Take It Slow

If you are trying to become active again, it’s important that you take it slow. Our bodies naturally wear down over time, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise either. Start off by going for a walk or doing calisthenics because it won’t be as hard on you physically.

Play Sports

If you are looking for some more social interaction, then you should consider playing a sport. Many sports out there are great ways for seniors to get exercise, including pickleball, softball, and golf. Participating in a sport is a fun way to remain active at an older age, so get involved with a senior league or find some partners. Pay particular attention to the risks involved with specific sports before you commit to a sport.

Medical Guidance

Seniors, more than any other demographic group, should get clearance for exercise from a physician. Find expert advice from a physician that is connected to physical therapists and/or personal trainers. There are physicians that only provided ‘off the cuff’ exercise advise, and there are physicians that take exercise advise very seriously, and will promote instruction from physical therapist and/or personal trainers. Seniors need to be mindful of how they’re feeling, and keep their physicians informed. If something isn’t feeling right, or you’re finding it hard to complete your daily activities, or you’re having trouble balancing, these signs may indicate that you need in-home care.