Exercise-Reports.com is a news journal about fitness, exercises, exercise routines, health and sports medicine. Some of the news and information published on Exercise-Reports.com is aggregated from other news media and fitness information websites. Often third-party information is provided without any type of review or commentary from Exercise-Reports.com, and is made available for consumers for information only. Any information shared or published from third-party news, fitness information, or sports medicine information websites should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation for your specific fitness condition or medical condition.

Regarding exercise instructions, please review the Exercise-Reports.com DISCLAIMER exercisereports.com/legal/disclaimer

Information available on Exercise-Reports.com — especially from third-party sources on Twitter feeds, YouTube accounts, Facebook and Instagram accounts — represent the opinions or information of those sources. Disclaimers, corrections, or clarifications of third-party information by ExerciseReports.com may not necessarily be available for each item shared or published about third-party information.

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