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How to Mix Up Your Cardio Workouts

Cardio is the key to staying fit and should find its way into your workout routine in some fashion. However, many people tend to stick with running as their go-to cardio exercise. If this is your strategy, you may eventually grow tired of it and lose the motivation to do it regularly. Find out how to mix up your cardio workouts below. […]

Process of Success

Show me your goals. We'll align your practical, real world goals with physiological goals that help your mind, body and soul. Then, we'll have a plan.

Biceps Brachii

Biceps brachii flexes the elbow and raises the arm at the shoulder joint. The Biceps Brachii is the largest and primary muscle of the front of the upper arm ...

Biceps Femoris

The Biceps Femoris muscle shapes the lateral part of the hamstring muscles and causes knee flexion, which brings the lower leg up at the knee joint ...



Article in development ... The Semimembranosus muscle shapes the medial part of the hamstring muscles.

Important Tips for Improving Your Diet

Nutrition is a key part of living a healthy and fit lifestyle. In fact, building muscle and shedding pounds safety requires several building blocks that you obtain from your food. Because of this, it’s crucial that you find ways to adopt a better diet in order to achieve the results you’re after. Try some of […]

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3 Solo Sports to Get Into This Summer

Summer is a great time to try new things and discover new passions. When you want those passions to promote your physical health, help you meet new people, and get you outside more often, sports are definitely the way to go. Unfortunately, this summer has put a stop to a lot of traditional activities, including […]

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Top Reasons to Exercise in the Morning

Most people tend to work out in the late afternoon after they finish with work. However, some people exercise first thing in the morning, which presents plenty of benefits, even if it doesn’t sound appealing upfront. Continue reading to learn the top reasons to exercise in the morning. It’s Easier to Get It Done Instead of having an entire day of dreading your […]

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The New Essentials to Keep in Your Gym Bag

Whether you’re hitting your home gym or are starting to return to public exercise facilities, putting together a gym bag can ensure that you always have everything you need for a successful workout. If you’ve fallen out of your usual routine and it’s been a while since you’ve hit the gym, you may need a […]

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The Importance of Getting Quality Sleep: Total Wellness

The immediate effects of getting the proper amount of sleep are obvious. Someone who has gotten the proper amount of sleep is more likely to be alert and well-rested, whereas someone who hasn’t gotten good sleep is more likely to be groggy and irritable. However, the importance of getting quality sleep every night goes beyond […]

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Best Sports to Consider for Children with Asthma

Sports are wonderful ways to keep a child active and can teach a lot in their formative years. For someone who suffers from exercise-induced asthma, options might be limited, but there are ways to overcome it. If you are looking to play it safe, here are the best sports for children with asthma to consider, but it’s crucial to obtain guidance […]

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Tips for Choosing the Right Exercise Equipment for Your Home

When beginning a fitness program — especially for home workouts — you may find it quite difficult to know where to start. Deciding which equipment, routines, and exercises best fit your lifestyle and abilities often requires significant trial and error. While it can be difficult to sort through all the options, there are a few […]

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Best Outdoor Sports You Can Play at Home During Social Distancing and Quarantines

People around the world are spending more time cooped up inside with their family than ever before. Thanks to quarantines and government stay-at-home orders, many people have been looking for fun, safe ways to pass the time outdoors, especially as the weather warms up. Take a look at this guide to the best outdoor sports […]

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Considerations for Home Workouts During Social Distancing and Quarantines

Working out at home as opposed to working out at a local gym can seem limiting, but there are also lot of opportunities to change your exercise routine. There are many simple ways to improve your home workouts. Have Goals While you can easily work out with staying healthy as your main goal, some people might find that boring eventually. Striving for […]

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The Importance of Food Testing in Labs: Nutrition Labels, Food Safety, Food Consistency

We all depend on food to maintain energy throughout our days. We do our best to eat a healthy and balanced diet—with some cheat meals along the way, of course. Everyone needs healthy food choices, and food testing is one of the ways that ensures our food is healthy as well as safe to eat. […]

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