Shake It Off: Four Health Benefits of Dancing

If you feel bored by your regular cardio routine, it may be time for a change of pace. Dancing is a great way to burn some calories and have fun while doing so. These four health benefits of dancing prove that this activity is the perfect exercise for fitness buffs of all ages.

Improved balance and flexibility

Certain dance styles such as ballet and ballroom dancing involve slower, more fluid movements. These dances often require dancers to stand on one foot, which can greatly improve balance. Additionally, more advanced dance styles incorporate high kicks or even splits. Stretching to prepare for these challenging dance moves will increase your overall flexibility and reduce joint stiffness.

Better heart health

Cardio exercises like running or cycling are great ways to improve your heart health, but they may not be the best option for everyone: they can quickly become repetitive and boring. Dancing is an alternate cardio exercise that gets your heart pumping without the need to run circles on a track or spend 30 minutes on a stationary bike. Dancing will keep you engaged and entertained as it raises your heart rate.

Improved mental health

Maintaining good mental health is as important as sustaining physical health. There are several mental health benefits of dancing, including lessened effects of depression and anxiety and increased self-confidence. Dance is not only a great way to exercise, but also a beautiful art form that allows people to express their emotions through movement. Plus, dance classes are usually very social events. Interacting with other dancers will help you feel more connected and form the deep friendships that are key to improving your mental health.

More challenges for your brain

Like many art forms, dancing is rooted in mathematics and memory. Remembering the steps and patterns of a dance routine as well as the timing of the dance with the music has enormous benefits on cognition. Dancing improves your memory, and perfecting the steps will increase your ability to focus. Even if you prefer to ignore choreographed dance moves and to let the music take you away, dancing will improve your motor skills.