3 Solo Sports to Get Into This Summer

Summer is a great time to try new things and discover new passions. When you want those passions to promote your physical health, help you meet new people, and get you outside more often, sports are definitely the way to go. Unfortunately, this summer has put a stop to a lot of traditional activities, including many team sports leagues and events. The good news is that there are plenty of sports to try that only require one person. If you’re missing your usual basketball or sand volleyball league—or if you just want something new to occupy you while you’re social distancing—consider these solo sports to get into this summer.


Running may not be for everyone, but it’s definitely one of the best solo sports you can participate in. Whether you’re going on a light jog to enjoy your local scenery or training for a marathon, running is a great way to clear your head, strengthen your body, and improve cardiovascular health. This is a particularly great activity for social distancing because running will give you a chance to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air without interacting with a lot of people.

Mountain Biking

Biking is another way to enjoy the great outdoors while safely social distancing this summer. If you want a thrill ride or simply a gorgeous change of scenery, consider picking up mountain biking. You can start on beginner trails and work your way up to day-long journeys that serve as the perfect getaway from everyday life. If you decide to stick with the sport, you can travel to some of the country’s most breathtaking mountain biking trails in Colorado, Utah, or California.


If you’re looking for one of the calmer solo sports to get into this summer, golfing is an excellent choice. The wide-open courses make it easy to practice social distancing and enjoy the sunshine as you hone your skills. Golfing can also help improve posture control, coordination, and balance, and if you choose to walk the course, it provides a nice, light workout for the day. If you want a lower-intensity sport that gives you a chance to try something new while enjoying a relaxing afternoon, golf is definitely the solo sport for you.

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