5 Fun Outdoor Fitness Activities for The Summer

Summer is a great time to enjoy outdoor activities with your friends and family. As it turns out, not only are these activities fun, but they also act as a great workout in place of your daily walk or run. So, instead of hitting the gym every day, add some variety to your routine this summer—try incorporating these five fun outdoor fitness activities into your schedule.


For a lot of people, swimming is a go-to summer exercise. The summer months can get pretty warm, and there is no better way to cool off than jumping into the pool. Plus, swimming is a great way to stay active and burn calories. Depending on your weight, you could burn more calories than you would during a traditional workout.


There are few sports that have similar benefits to basketball. Healthy competition is always a fun addition to staying active and healthy, and basketball offers just that. A 30-minute pickup game is a fun outdoor fitness activity that’s also a great way to burn calories.


Another activity you can enjoy outside this summer is kayaking. Try something different and explore a nearby river or lake—kayaking makes for a great full body workout. Furthermore, it’s a fun outdoor adventure to go on with friends and family!


Biking is another great option for more adventurous individuals. Whether you choose to head out on the trails or travel through the mountains, you’re sure to get a great workout in while exploring the area around you.

Rock Climbing

Rocking climbing comes with various benefits, such as challenging your stamina and working many muscle groups at once. It’s a very enjoyable outdoor activity and is great for those who like to test their strength. Set some obtainable goals you’d like to reach over the summer and get to climbing!