3 Easy Travel Workouts for Those Frequently on the Road

Starting a workout routine is difficult enough when you’re at home, and those that travel often, whether for pleasure or for work, often find it nearly impossible to keep themselves healthy. If you’re a frequent traveler who wants to live a healthier lifestyle, use these easy travel workouts to get you started.

The Beginner Bodyweight Workout

This workout aims to prove that you don’t need gym equipment to get in a good weight-lifting session. You can use your own body weight, and that of your luggage, to perform exercises with varying intensity. Begin this workout with 20 reps of squats and allow your own weight to assist your flow of motion. Follow this with ten push-ups and ten walking lunges on each leg. Next, it’s time to grab your “weights”. Using what you have around you, such as anything with a handle, perform ten dumbbell rows on each arm. Finish up with a 15-second plank and 30 jumping jacks. Repeat this circuit three times for a challenging and rewarding workout.

10-Minute Total Body Workout

Traveling often means you don’t have much extra time to fit in a full workout, but you can still exercise effectively in only ten minutes. This workout will take you through body squats, push-ups, planks with T-rotations, and alternating standing oblique crunches. Each exercise is done for two minutes with a 30-second break in transition between them. Allowing your body to alternate between rest and high intensity will help you burn more calories and get the most out of your limited time.

10-Minute Morning Workout

If you need to start your day with some momentum, this workout will give you the energy to take on the rest of your day. First, you want to increase your heart rate with mock jumping rope, burpees with push-ups, and squat jumps. Then, transition into a plank with shoulder taps and jumping lunges. This workout is also extremely versatile, so you can adjust the level of intensity to suit your body’s needs. For beginners, it’s recommended that you perform each exercise for about 30 seconds and follow them with 30 seconds of rest.

From businessmen to commercial truck drivers, traveling makes it easy to fall into a rut of bad health habits. Pairing these workouts with additional health tips used by those that travel for a living will restore your energy and help keep you in shape while out on the road.

Plank T Rotations by 2013-certified National Academy of Sports Medicine personal trainer Stevi Loucks.