Usher: The Man with Envied abs

In a March 2004 interview with VH1, Usher said he went from ‘doing like a thousand push-ups a day to now barely making a hundred, because I’m always working.’

He talks about a switching from eating what he wants to being disciplined. ‘I’m on a see-food diet, right now – I see it, I eat it. In a second, I’ll go back. I’m very disciplined. When I don’t want to eat, I won’t eat. I go on a fish, chicken and broccoli diet, and throw in some carbs – preferably sweet potatoes,’ Usher said.

He’s also reported to do 1000 ab crunches per day.

10 minute circuit of abs, 30 minutes treadmill or bike, 60 minutes of supersets and circuits, 10-15 minutes of static stretching.

Reported to use hollywood personal trainer Cliff Boyce (