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10 Benefits of Walking That Will Get You Up and Moving

Exercising each and every day significantly impacts your overall health. But what about those days where you don’t have time to head to the gym? Walking is a wonderful way to get your exercise in throughout the day. In this article, we will talk about the numerous benefits of walking—do your body some good and […]

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Self-Defense of Choking Attacker

VIDEO: Self-defense with offender straddling on top of the victim attempting to choke the victim. In a choke hold you only have a few seconds before weakness starts to degrade strength and power. The only goal for survival is to stun the attacker’s nervous system with pain and/or direct disabling force before you become entrapped, […]

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Sheltie Cheating on the Treadmill Reminiscent of Humans Cheating on Treadmill

A sheltie cheats during treadmill workouts. (seen on America’s Funniest Home videos). Many humans cheat by holding their hands on front or side rails of treadmills while they are working out. If you want to drive extremely dominant trainers crazy, just grab onto the bar while walking. Technically, you’re taking a percentage off the load […]

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About Exercise Myths

Are these true? Pilates makes your muscles longer, Yoga is totally safe for everyone, Strength training makes you bulk up … Spot reduction … does it work? Is this a fact? It’s not good to lift weights two consecutive days. will sort out the facts. Some of these myths are outright atrocities — the […]

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About Exercise Essentials

In fitness and exercise, there is a good amount of essential information for safe and effective workouts. The Exercise essentials is coming soon … Workout Overview Most workouts last anytime from 10 minutes to 90 minutes. There are hard workouts and easy workouts. There are fat reduction workouts, sports specific workouts, bodybuilding workouts, strength workouts, […]

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