Self-Defense of Choking Attacker

VIDEO: Self-defense with offender straddling on top of the victim attempting to choke the victim.

In a choke hold you only have a few seconds before weakness starts to degrade strength and power. The only goal for survival is to stun the attacker’s nervous system with pain and/or direct disabling force before you become entrapped, weakened, injured, or disabled.

Sample attack on the ground with a choke hold …

Victim sets up fist near their own groin. Then wedges a triangle formed by the fist and arms between the attacker’s choking arms.

Simultaneously victim inserts legs between offender’s ankles and spreads legs causing a fulcrum on the offender’s knees that is difficult for the offender to balance — increasing offender’s instability. Attacker is weakened by being reduced to doing a balancing act on their knees.

Next, leverage on the head with both of the victim’s hands.

Next, left hand to the top of the offender’s head to wrap around the back of the offender’s neck.

Open hand to the nose. Rotate the upper body preparing potential for maximum force.

Now on top of attacker … strike with heel of the dominant hand using full rotational torso force to the nose of attacker.

Stand up and strike with heel step kick to the face or head.