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Self-Defense of Choking Attacker

VIDEO: Self-defense with offender straddling on top of the victim attempting to choke the victim. In a choke hold you only have a few seconds before weakness starts to degrade strength and power. The only goal for survival is to stun the attacker’s nervous system with pain and/or direct disabling force before you become entrapped, […]

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Sheltie Cheating on the Treadmill Reminiscent of Humans Cheating on Treadmill

A sheltie cheats during treadmill workouts. (seen on America’s Funniest Home videos). Many humans cheat by holding their hands on front or side rails of treadmills while they are working out. If you want to drive extremely dominant trainers crazy, just grab onto the bar while walking. Technically, you’re taking a percentage off the load […]

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