10 Benefits of Walking That Will Get You Up and Moving

Exercising each and every day significantly impacts your overall health. But what about those days where you don’t have time to head to the gym? Walking is a wonderful way to get your exercise in throughout the day.

In this article, we will talk about the numerous benefits of walking—do your body some good and get to stepping!

10 Incredible Benefits of Walking

    1. Walking Boosts Your Mood
      Walking, in general, can improve a person’s mood; however, walking outside can bring an extra boost of relaxation and enjoyment into the mix. The action also releases natural painkilling endorphins to the body—daily walks can bring joy to your life and improve your mental health.
    2. Walking Lowers BMI
      According to a study from the University of Warwick, those who walk more and sit less have lower body mass index. High BMI is an indicator of obesity and walking helps combat that. A quick 30-minute walk can burn around 200 calories!
    3. Walking Enhances Breath
      As you walk, your breathing rate increases, which causes oxygen to travel faster through your bloodstream. This oxygen flow can aid in eliminating waste products and other toxins in your body while simultaneously improving your energy level and ability to heal.
    4. Walking Supports Your Joints
      Your body’s joint cartilage gets its nutrition from the fluid surrounding it that circulates as the body moves. If you aren’t moving, your joints don’t get the essentials they need to stay in working condition. Walking gets the fluid around the joint flowing therein bringing oxygen and necessary nutrients to the area.
    5. Walking Improves Circulation
      In the same sense that walking supports your joints, it also improves your body’s circulation. Sitting too long can be harmful to many aspects of your body, like your circulation. Going on a walk can help lower blood pressure and strengthen the heart, which in turn supports healthy circulation.
    6. Walking Strengthens Muscles
      You’ll notice as you continue to walk that this form of exercise will tone the muscles throughout your body. Mostly strengthening leg and abdominal muscles, walking can also target arm muscles if you pump them as you walk.
    7. Walking Can Make You Look Younger
      People who walk not only look younger than their age but may also be younger down to the cellular level. Researchers found that cardiovascular exercise can preserve—perhaps even lengthen—the parts of our DNA that shorten as we get older.
    8. Walking Leads to Deeper Sleep
      If you have trouble sleeping at night, there’s a high possibility that you are not getting enough exercise throughout the day. Your body will get restless if you aren’t moving during the day and that will transfer over to your sleep. Those who walk will have a deeper and more restful sleep.
    9. Walking Slows Down Mental Decline
      Researchers have found that age-related memory decline was lower in those who walked more. In general, walking and other forms of exercise can boost brain power. From memory and cognition to learning and reading, walking can help your brain and body.
    10. Walking Lengthens Your Life
      It is actually pretty simple. All of these benefits of walking add up to create a healthier lifestyle for you. The more you exercise the more your body will keep up as time goes on.