Simple Ways to Drink More Water

Health experts disagree about the health effects of consuming eggs, coffee, and meat, but it’s nigh impossible to criticize water. Our bodies use it to digest food, deliver nutrients to cells, and perform many other essential functions. Of all the things we eat or drink, water is most important, so how can we make sure we drink enough?

Here are some simple ways to drink more water.

Add Some Flavor to it

If you don’t get enough water, consider adding flavor so that you want to come back to it often. One of the many ways to make water taste better includes adding fruit infusions, such as lemon or mint. Introducing new flavors varies its taste enough that you consume more water in your day and don’t get bored of it.

Drink Your Vegetables

Eating vegetables is a lesser-known way to drink more water throughout your day. Vegetables such as cucumber, iceberg lettuce, celery, and cauliflower are composed of over 90% water, and consequently, they provide an excellent non-water means of taking in water. Getting inventive with how you eat vegetables and including them in every meal affords you a reliable way to add it to your diet too. Ensure that you eat fresh or lightly cooked vegetables—dried or heavily cooked veggies lose their water and deliver water less efficiently. In addition to containing water, many vegetables have other health benefits. Cucumber specifically is a good source of fiber and antioxidants that allow for bowel regularity and defend against cancer-causing molecules respectively.

Change Up Your Routine

Adjusting your routine in small ways can increase water consumption. You can do something as simple as setting a goal for intake and keeping a physical or app-based journal to track how much and how often you drink water. Toting around a reusable water bottle throughout your day also helps, and while at home, you can keep a glass of water on the counter as a visible reminder. All these strategies promote your presence of mind to keep you on top of your daily water goal.

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