Learning to Play Golf; Gain Health Benefits of Low Impact Activity

If you’re trying to improve your health, playing golf is great for breaking sedentary habits. By taking up golf, you can improve and maintain your physical and mental wellness. Here are some of the health benefits of learning to play golf, which is a low impact activity when proper techniques are learned.

Weight Loss

Instead of forcing yourself through a purposeless march around your neighborhood, try directing every step you take toward a destination on the golf course. If you’re looking to burn calories, skip the golf cart and walk from hole to hole. The effort will be enjoyable because your mind will be more on the game than on exercise for its own sake. At the end of the day, you will have traveled several miles and attained a good cardiovascular workout in the process. Over time, you’ll be able to lose weight and improve your health with this sustained physical activity.

Avoid the use of motorized golf carts to promote physical fitness while golfing. Play at golf courses that have been specifically designed to promote walkable courses.

Stress Relief

Spending a few hours in the open air is an effective way to relieve stress, and golf gives you the opportunity to do this. You can appreciate the outdoors in a calm yet engaging environment as you play. By concentrating on the game at hand, you can also have a break from any troubles that are gnawing at you and recalibrate your mind to take on these challenges later. The structure of golf also helps to cultivate patience, as each player must take the time to strategize and hit clean, accurate shots. Stress relief can result in better sleep, too.

Muscle Strength

Swinging a golf club utilizes your whole body. You don’t just use the muscles in your arms; you must also activate your legs, back, and core in order to give your long-range hits power. Learning the proper form from an experienced instructor will ensure that you strengthen all these muscle groups and avoid injury. Once you grasp the motion, your repetitions of this movement will build up your strength to meet the demands of the sport. Furthermore, carrying your clubs and balls from one location to the next will improve your endurance.