5 of the Best Sports for Seniors to Play: Softball, Pickle Ball, Golf, Swimming, and Bowling

As you age, it can be harder to stay active at a time in your life when it becomes even more essential. However, there are still many sports you can participate in to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Discover some of the best sports for seniors to play—and don’t worry about pushing yourself too hard.


While it’s important to be wary of injuries in regular softball, slow-pitch softball is a gentler and safer alternative. Softball is an excellent sport to choose because it is still great exercise while not having too much physical contact involved. Many retirement communities offer senior softball leagues too, so the game can still remain competitive and fun.


While tennis and badminton are great for staying fit, pickleball may be an even better option as you get older. Pickleball is still played on tennis courts, but it is easier to play than other, similar sports. Best of all, it helps work your legs, arms, and wrists.


Golf is a very popular option for seniors; plus, you’ll usually have access to a course within a retirement community. While you might not think golf is a physically demanding sport, it is great exercise because it incorporates walking, balance, and strength. Plus, it provides great mental exercise.


Swimming is another activity that is among the best sports for seniors to play. By swimming, you can unlock the many health benefits that come with it. You can improve muscle strength, tone, and mental health all while being gentle on your joints—thanks to the fact that it’s performed underwater.


Fun and challenging, bowling is another sport that can keep you active as you age. Not only does bowling burn calories and improve your hand-eye coordination, but spending time with teammates can also help your social life.