Iulia Danilova Demonstrates a Variety of Exercises for Different Muscle Groups on Instagram

Iulia Danilova demonstrates Bilateral Biceps Curls in pronated and supinated forearm positions, Unilateral Biceps Curls in a partially pronated position, Shoulder Front Raises to about 130 degrees in a pronated position, and Cable Lat Pulls in a kneeling position.

These exercises emphasize the following muscles, but not only these muscles … latissimus dorsi, radial brachialis, biceps brachii, front deltoids, middle deltoids, and posterior deltoids.

Iulia Danilova provides training with workouts and more at fitwithiulia.com

Iulia maintains a well-designed website and demonstrates good workout form in Instagram videos. ExerciseReports.com will be publishing more from Iulia Danilova.

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