Eva Mendes Mentioned by Her Celebrity Trainer Joe Dowdell, Demonstrates Cardio Kickboxing

Featured on FNC IMAG; Celebrity Trainer and co-owner of Peak Performance provides an informative presentation on kickboxing techniques for use in physical conditioning. The teaser ‘Get Eva’s Body’ uses the Eva Mendes name, but Mendes is only mentioned as a client of Joe Dowdell, who demonstrates a kickbox workout designed to tone entire body, increase lean muscle mass and decrease body fat.

Dowdell defines basic kickboxing strikes with another trainer (Stacia Cato) while the viewer assumes this is a workout that Eva Mendes might do.

Jab: When the power hand is the right hand (the hand you use to really let loose on a punch), the jab hand is the left hand. The jab is a straight arm punch from the leading hand.

Cross: The Cross is a bigger range of motion punch that uses the power hand in a punch that is thrown across and toward the target with the dominant hand.

Dowdell give cues like left, right, jab, cross.

Hook: Next Dowdell introduces the Hook. The Hook is a punch delivered from the side with the elbow bent. The hook is performed with the Jab hand.

Now a new combination is performed: left, right, hook, right.

Uppercut: Next the Uppercut is introduced. The Uppercut is a swinging blow directed upward with the dominant hand.

Left, right, hook, uppercut are the cues.

Joe Dowdell summarizes the four basic strikes: Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut. Then he adds a defensive move for his partner. Now there is a duck under the punch from the opponent and then a return strike to the opponent. It’s important to keep the hands up defensively when you duck.

Time to practice a combination: Left, right, duck, right.

Roundhouse Kick: Next Dowdell and Cato move on to work the legs with a roundhouse kick. He switches to longer pads (Focus Mitts) to protect his forearms as he is the defensive partner taking the blows.

[Here is where a note pops up on the screen that  says thay Joe likes to mix up Eva’s workout with kickboxing one a week.]

Left, right, kick (with the right leg in a roundhouse kick).

Now a more complex combination …
Left, right, duck, right, kick

Front Kick: Next, a front kick is brought into the mix … but the front kick is practiced isolated, each leg. A reminder is issued to keep the hands up.

Left, right, hook, right, duck, right, kick (roundhouse used). The front kick was not used in the combination drills.

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