George W. Bush – The fittest president

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A serious runner since 1972. George Bush has a treadmill on Air Force One and uses it for hour-long jaunts on overseas trips.

In January, 1993, he finished the Houston Marathon in 3:44:52 (that’s about an 8:30 pace); he’s the only president ever to complete that distance.

Bush appeared on the cover of  Runner’s World October, 2002 In an interview interview Runner’s World, reported his normal routine is to run five or six times a week. “When I run,” he said, “I run hard. On Sundays if I’m at Camp David, I’ll go for a hard, morning run — these days about 20:30 to 20:45 for three miles on a tough course.” In June, 2002, he ran a three-mile road race in an official time of 20:29 at age 55-years-old.

Bush also mountain bikes at the Crawford, Texas, ranch, pushing hard for four-hour rides. According to AP reporter Scott Lindlaw, who rode with Bush on a mountain bike, “He (Bush) watches his heart rate very, very closely. He was reporting to me regularly what his heart rate was. … He likes to exercise in the zone.”

He believes physical training is necessary to maintain physical and emotional balance.

He even enjoys 100-plus-degree summer heat during training.

I learned that running can make you feel 10 years younger the day of the race and 10 years older the day after the race. I also learned not to be so compulsive.”

— George Bush

Injuries have reduced his running during his presidency.

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Cover image at right from Runner’s World October 2002.

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