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Bruce Lee Workouts

Bruce Lee developed, exceptionally strong abdominal muscles, which were well defined and solid. Lee understood that every movement required generation of abdominal muscle force. He also understood that rock hard abdominal muscles help protect your […]

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Martial Arts Workouts

Martial arts training objectives develop efficient strategy, technique, mental discipline, endurance and flexibility. Training with your own body weight used as resistance and light weights with medium to high repetitions are common. Exercises programs should […]

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System & Parts

About Systems/Parts

The Systems/Parts category is designed to help understand the characteristics of specific physiological systems or body parts.  The relationship of each system or body part is described in its association with exercise, fitness, structure, function, […]

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Visual Perception

About Visual Perception

The visual perception section develops understanding of visual perception in human performance. Visual perception is closely involved with mental processing and reaction to events. UNDER CONSTRUCTION

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New (Staging)

Visual perception

Looking straight ahead it appears that ab handle is moving on adjacent
machine while the ceiling is stationary. Looking to …


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Walter Payton ‘Sweetness’ Workouts

One of Walter Payton’s famous routines was running ‘The Hill’ now known as Payton’s Hill at Nickol Knoll in Arlington Heights, Illinois. In the 1970s and 1980s a landfill site provided a perfect grade for training. Payton sprinted up the 92-foot hill for repetitions sometimes as many as 20 times …