Entertainers’ Work Is Long and Busy

A star entertainer has a workload that is tough on the human body. While the image of a pampered lifestyle in Beverly Hills might be prevalent to the adoring public, the reality of an entertainer’s life is a world of long acting schedules, travel, public appearance schedules and interviews.

And it is often lonely at the top. While being chased by annoying paparazzi, there is a constant stress of maintaining a successful image. A partying lifestyle is readily available with exposure to excessive alcohol intake, drugs and easy money. There is always a group of people ready to point out a hypocrisy, find a human flaw, or bring news of inappropriate or even criminal behavior. Often any routine public errand reminds a celebrity that their public life is no longer their own domain.

The successful entertainer can master any negative publicity and turn it into positive fame, find time to stay in shape and even modify their shape for an acting role, get enough rest, delegate to trustworthy advisers and assistants, stay away from injuries while at work or at play, stay away from substance abuse, and keep those acting roles and endorsement offers coming.