Why Some May Have Failed To Achieve Their New Year’s Resolutions

The new year often brings feelings of freshness and new beginnings. We make promises and resolutions, yet we have trouble fulfilling them. If you find yourself lacking in follow-through, here is why you fail to achieve your New Year’s resolutions and what you can do about it.

You Need Accountability

Sustained change relies on an accountability system. Without this communication structure, you can slip through the cracks with no one the wiser. Accountability may sound scary, but this pressure actually motivates you to succeed. Find a workout buddy or someone who’ll check in on your status. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your goals and progress with others, use a goal-tracking app or other systems that will remind each day to move forward.

You Lack Specificity

Goals require specificity. Without a specific plan, you can aimlessly re-adjust it to your preferences as the weeks pass. If your first goal is to “work out more,” it can quickly wither into “work out some.” The specifics hold you to a standard that you otherwise lack. Be sure to set achievable goals given your current physical shape and exercise routine. A good plan targets specific fitness goals. Goals could be as simple as being able to run one mile in 9 minutes, or 8 minutes or 7 minutes. Your goal could be to lower body fat percentage to 15% or 13% or 11%. The goals need to be realistic, and should involve realistic, gradual progression. You don’t want to specify that you’ll run six miles a day if you can barely walk one. Do a bit of research, and discover your own strengths and weaknesses for yourself.

It’s Not Personal Enough

If you want to improve your health and fitness routines because it’s a trendy and “typical” New Year’s resolution, you probably won’t find the resolve to stick to it. Why? This resolution isn’t personal enough. You may feel pushed by guilt or pressured into this goal, but it’s not exactly what you want. Though you wish to pursue wellness, hitting the gym may not be your style, so don’t force yourself into that box —- branch out, and find a goal that works with your true self. It’s best to find something you really enjoy, or learn to really enjoy what you are doing. For some it might be enjoying the gym like Arnold Schwarzenegger enjoyed being in the gym. Others might never resonate with the sights and sounds of a gym.

You Aren’t Patient With Yourself

Another reason you fail to achieve your New Year’s resolutions relates to your outlook on the goals. If you want to lose ten pounds but don’t see those numbers change for a few weeks, don’t let that discourage you. Be patient with yourself, and trust that change takes time. The path toward healthy habits and life changes is a marathon, not a sprint. Alter your perspective, and take heart that everyone else feels the same way you do. The next time you ask yourself, “Why isn’t this happening faster or easier?” remember to hold fast to patience.

Now that you know why you fail to achieve your New Year’s resolutions, get out and prove yourself. Learn how to commit to staying active, and don’t wait another twelve months to get your life in order.

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