Dangers Cyclists Face on the Road

The world of cycling has expanded into a booming industry with thousands of exercisers, commuters, and hobbyists taking up the bike. But if you are riding on the road, you need to learn how to navigate issues regarding your personal safety. Here are the most common dangers cyclists face on the road.

Distracted Drivers

Technology has become an increasingly central part of our lives. Unfortunately, many drivers are not able to peel their eyes from their phones when on the road. Distracted drivers are some of the most dangerous people out there if you are a cyclist. If you notice a car or truck near you with decreased reaction time, an inability to stay in their lane, or generally disengaged behavior, you should watch out. It only takes a distracted driver one second to look down at their phone and continue into an intersection in which you had the right of way.

Busy Streets

Streets have become much busier in recent years with traffic growing in proportion to the increase in population density. If you ride your bike in an urban center, you may have noticed the number of vehicles and other cyclists has increased. High traffic scenarios pose a serious danger to cyclists because there are more vehicles on the road passing by, and therefore a higher chance of a collision. Also, people tend to become frustrated in dense traffic and may lash out or move in unpredictable ways. As a cyclist, you often have the right of way, but drivers on busy streets may be willing to cut you off in spite of that.

Collision Events

The most significant danger facing cyclists on the road is a collision. Whether you are riding alone or in a group, cars can come at you from any direction and make contact with you and your bike. It is important to know the common car-hits-bike situations so you can be on the lookout. If a crash happens, depending on your safety gear and the car’s speed, you could be in for a significant injury.

Knowing the common dangers cyclists face on the road can prepare you to react quickly and decisively in high-risk scenarios. Nothing should stand in the way of you and your bike, so come prepared and you can enjoy your time riding through the street.