Meet Nick Scott: Paralyzed with Spinal Injury, Turns Bodybuilder

In August 1998 his left front tire blew out and rolled his vehicle five and a half times. He was ejected though the driver’s side window, and his body collided with his own vehicle in mid-air — resulting in a spinal cord injury and spinal fractures at T-12 L-1, requiring titanium rods to be vertically bolted to his spine.

By 2005, Nick Scott graduated from University of Ottawa and became a personal trainer. He founded and is dedicated to increasing the awareness and popularity of wheelchair bodybuilding.

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  1. Nick Scott is not paralyzed. He can stand up…unassisted. He has a spinal cord injury, but is what is called an “incomplete spinal cord injury”. In his case, he is EXTREMELY incomplete. paralyzed means that a limb, or portion of the body CAN NOT move. This dude can stand. He has full use of his abs. IE…not paralyzed

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