Gene Rychlak Jr World Record Bench Press Assisted

Gene Rychlak Jr Benching the world record 1010 LBS at the APF Metal Militia Memorial Powerlifting Contest. Video from Underground Strength Magazine —

Gene Rychlak, Jr., an American powerlifter, was the first person to perform a bench press of over both 900 lb (407 kg) and 1000 lb (453 kg). His bodyweight is in excess of 345 lb (156 kg). Rychlak previously held the record for the world’s heaviest assisted bench press of 1010 lb (457 kg) December 16, 2006 in Lake George, NY. This record is now held by Ryan Kennelly, who has lifted 1036 lbs in the same lift.
At the 2005 Mr Olympia bodybuilding competition, Rychlak attempted to break his own record by pressing 1015 lb (460 kg). Rychlak was unable to complete the press, and despite having several spotters around him, the weight fell onto his body. Rychlak suffered no serious injuries from the accident. Gene plans to attempt the lift again on September 15, 2007, but with stronger spotters present.

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