Condoleezza Rice Workout with Weights and Cardio Machines

Condoleezza Rice works out with personal trainer Tommy Tomlo, a former U.S. Marine.

In an news segment she’s observed doing the following at the State Department gym first thing in the morning:
Warmup on LifeCycle ‘easy spinning for about 2 minutes and then some abdominal work.
Straight Leg Calf Raises on Calf Raise Machine (with Shoulder/Trapezius Region Padded Attachment)
She’s seen doing Calf Raises as a set with slow reps followed by fast reps.
Dead Lift /Biceps Curl Combination
Squat on Smith Machine

Condoleezza tries for daily cardiac workouts, and prefers low-impact activities, like speed walking and walking hills.

She has an elliptical and a treadmill at home at her apartment that she uses for 40 or so minutes every morning. No matter where she is in the world, she gets in a workout.

As she grew up, her father, who had always been in good shape, stopped exercising. He soon had health problems after he stopped exercising. That’s what motivates Condoleezza Rice to keep exercising.

Seen on ‘Fitness on the Fast Track (link no longer refers to article)‘ segment by Barbara Harrison on — a Washington D.C. affiliate.

Talking Fitness with Condoleezza, Part 1 (link no longer refers to video)