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Home Gym

Top Reasons You Should Workout from Home

There are many gyms across the country with memberships available, but have you ever thought about working out from home? Not only are there plenty of workouts you can do from home, but there are […]

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General Fitness

Ways to Stay Healthy at Work | 5 Tips

Most of us want to age gracefully and live long lives surrounded by family and friends. That is an easily attainable goal if we take care of ourselves. To be sure, it’s easier said than […]

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Cleats: Different Types of Softball Shoes

One of the most important types of gear a softball player owns is a good pair of shoes. The right pair of softball shoes can improve a player’s stability, traction, agility, speed, and overall performance […]

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When is the Best Time of Day to Scuba Dive?

Swimming and scuba diving are among the best forms of exercise. It involves the entire body—every muscle is firing and moving. They are total-body workouts from start to finish. Scuba diving is a fun activity […]

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Four Health Tips for Men Over 50

They say 50 is the new 30, which is a nice sentiment, and in a lot of ways it’s true. Many of us are putting off starting families for careers. Because of that, we don’t […]