Outdoor Sports for Kids That Build Life Skills

Your children should participate in sports for several reasons, but it’s important that they’re involved in the right ones. There are dozens of outdoor sports for kids, ranging from kickball to freeze tag. So which ones are the best? We’ve listed a few that we believe can go a long way in aiding the development of your child.

For Teamwork: Soccer

A soccer team generally consists of 11 players, and you don’t win the game because of only one person, but because of the efforts of the team as a whole. Soccer teaches cooperation and reminds children how much better things can be when several people learn how to work together and coexist. This is often one of the first sports parents teach their children, as it ultimately fosters strong social and communication skills.

For Concentration: Croquet

Croquet is akin to a physical game of chess. It requires intensive concentration and mental energy. The sport encourages physical health in that it gets you outside and on your feet, but it also has an important mental aspect. You have time to think carefully about your moves and the angle at which you’ll make them. Croquet is also attractive in that it offers a low risk for injury.

For Balance: Swimming

Water exercises are one of the best ways to improve balance, and for children still in their developmental years, swimming is a great way to instill that skill in them. Every movement is made in an effort to keep oneself afloat. As your child become a more skilled swimmer, they’ll learn how to keep themselves balanced while exerting minimal energy. This will go a long way in developing both strength and endurance.

For Leadership: Capture the Flag

Unlike many sports, capture the flag encourages verbal communication. Teammates must work together to find and steal the other team’s flag. This is an opportunity for a child to take on a leadership role and delegate tasks in a way that utilizes the unique skills of each of their teammates. Depending on the intensity of a particular game, your child can hone their strategizing and implementation skills.