6 Fitness Podcasts to Inspire Your Next Workout

Staying motivated is key when it comes to your fitness journey. When it’s more tempting to stay in bed, find ways to give yourself that extra push you need. These six fitness podcasts are fun, informative, and the perfect touch of inspiration for any athlete.

1. All About Fitness

Equal parts science and fitness podcast, All About Fitness is for the athlete who wants to know the ins and outs of every workout. Host Pete McCall brings the best of the best advice to this informational podcast, and he works with organizations such as the American Council on Exercise and the National Academy of Sports Medicine to do so. Easy to understand and invaluable information makes this podcast a homerun for the curious athlete.

2. The Dumbbells

The world of fitness can often feel daunting and all too serious. Luckily, The Dumbbells are here to lighten the mood. Hosted by improv comedians and fitness professionals Eugene Cordero and Ryan Stanger, their approach to fitness will leave even the most serious athletes in stitches. Even with all the laughs, you’ll leave this podcast feeling motivated to take on your next workout.

3. Ali on the Run

If running is your workout of choice, Ali on the Run is the fitness podcast for you. Host Ali Feller is an avid runner, and any enthusiasts can relate to her personal stories. Her interviews are especially fascinating, as she sits down with both amateur and professional runners. Whether you’re just starting your running journey, or you’re a bon a fide professional, Ali on the Run has something for you.

4. Ashtanga Dispatch

As spiritual as it is physical, yoga is a practice that encompasses all meanings of the word wellness. This is something the podcast Ashtanga Dispatch takes to heart, and it focuses on the technical, spiritual, and emotional journey of yoga. Featuring interviews from a range of inspiring individuals in the yoga world, their insights will help you take your practice to entirely new heights.

5. 20 Minute Fitness

Squeeze a bit of fitness motivation into your day with 20 Minute Fitness. For those short on time, this quick-hitting podcast is the way to go. They provide a simple way to get tons of information, and cover everything from technology to influencers to the most effective fitness techniques. Just press play on your morning commute and get ready to learn something new.

6. Another Runner Mother

Finding time for fitness as a mother is an incredibly difficult task. If you struggle with this, tune in to Another Runner Mother. Host Sarah Bowen Shea is a mother of three and a dedicated runner but finding her current balance was not easy. To help other moms reach their fitness goals, she developed Another Runner Mother, where busy parents can find solace in Shea’s helpful tips and eye-opening interviews.