Chattanooga Fire Department Drill Tower Fitness Work with Fitness Truth TV’s Tom Rowland

Tom Rowland from Fitness Truth Television trains with the Chattanooga Fire Dept and Captain Eric Stone. Tom learns just how tough it is to run the Firefighter Combat Challenge in full gear on a 100 degree afternoon.

The video takes a look at fitness drills at the Chattanooga Fire Department drill tower with Captain Eric Stone.

Segments include …

Course work for competitions

Run through for the first time by Tom Rowland.

Run through by experienced firefighter Richard Leisnewski (over 40 champ)

Specifics of the Firefighter Combat Challenge …

[1] Five-story tower evolution with a 42-pound hose pack on your shoulder. ON the way up you can use the stairs and skip as many steps as you want. Then when you reach the top, you use a rope to hoist a donut roll up five stories with a rope. On the way down you must hit every step on the stairs.

[2] The Keiser Force Machine or Keiser forced entry beam is next, which involves using a sledge hammer to move a 107-pound beam a horizontal distance of five feet.

[3] The Simulated Obstacle Course is next — running some cones.

[4] Charged hose line over the shoulder and shooting the stream at a simulated target.

[5] Rescue mannequin lift an drag back 100 feet. The rescue mannequin weighs about 170 pounds.

A good time for the entire course is considered 2 minutes or less.

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