Instant Meals that Set You on the Right Track for Fitness and Sport Performance


OK great. You see a lot about nutrition: carbs, protein, fat, dehydration. How about some ideas on how to put it all together. Enough with nutritional theory and biochemistry.

What’s going to help me fuel my athletic body right now?

Or what’s going to help me lose weight and more importantly bodyfat? Right away!

Or what’s going to help me gain muscle mass for sports performance? Right away!

Well results don’t happen overnight, but this column helps give instant information to get you started on the right track.

Our fast food will follow these guidelines:
Protein in the morning
NO simple sugars or high glycemic foods on an empty stomach or after fasting.
Simple sugars, high glycemic foods (can be with protein immediately) are best right after intense activity followed by high protein and low fat fuel within 60 minutes after intense activity.
Absolutely NO high fat fuel within3 hours before practice, training or competition.
Complex carbs encouraged before the magic hour before intense activity
The more intense the endurance activity the more minutes you should tag on to the magic hour before intense activity — avoid bulk gassy food
Drink plenty of water
Have energy drinks or even recovery drinks on standby for prolonged, intense activity


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