Basketball Workouts

Radius of Free Throw arc to the top of the key = 6 ft
Free Throw line to the front of the rim = 13 ft
Free Throw line to the backboard = 15 ft
Free throw tabs = 2 in X 8 in
Distance between tabs = 3 ft (36 in)
Block = 12 X 8 in

Backboard is 72 in wide X 42 in tall

NBA Arc is a 4 ft radius from the center of the goal
The rim is 10 ft high with an 18 in diameter, and is 6 in from the backboard

Baseline to the block = 7 ft
Baseline to the backboard = 4 ft
Lane width = 12 ft
Lane length = 19 ft
All lines are 2 in wide (neutral zones excluded)
Minimum 3 FT unobstructed space outside perimeter (10 FT preferred)
The colors of the lane space marks and neutral zone marks contrast with the color of the boundary lines