The Daily 16 Program is a comprehensive series of warm-up, conditioning, and cool-down exercises; it replaces the former Daily 7.

The USMC introduces the Daily 16, as follows:

The Daily 16 warm-up exercises facilitate gradual distribution of blood flow to the muscles, preparing both the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems for the exercise session, by effectively targeting both the upper and lower body. The increased blood flow to the muscles produces a warming effect, increasing the elasticity of the muscles and connective tissues, which is believed to reduce injury risks.

The Daily 16 conditioning exercises include traditional calisthenics that are safe in providing a total body workout, which can vary in duration, degree of difficulty and level of intensity. The Daily 16 cool-down exercises (the same exercises used in the warm-up) allow the body to gradually return to the pre-exercise state.

WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you get the latest information from the official USMC site listed below instead of our attachment, which is included as historical reference at the end of this article and may become obsolete without notice.

USMC Daily 16 Manual with photos (pdf) — link leads you to a page with a link to the USMC Daily 16.

Marine Corp Community Services website has deep links to numerous documents on physical fitness, including the USMC Daily 16.

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