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Physical Aptitude Examination – Exam Instructions

For the ExaminerExam Instructions

The examination consists of the following five events: pull-ups (men)/flexed-arm hang (women), standing long jump, modified basketball throw, push-ups and 300-yard shuttle run. In order to qualify for admission to the U.S. Air Force Academy, you must pass each event of the Physical Aptitude Examinaiton (PAE). You must complete all five events on the same day with a maximum of 10 minutes rest between events.

You should wear appropriate athletic attire during the PAE. Your attire should consist of a pair of rubber-soled athletic shoes and gym shorts and shirt that are suitable for athletic activities. Waffle-soled running shoes usually hinder a candidate’s performance and are not recommended.

Pull-Ups (Men)
Grip bar with both hands, palms facing away from body and assume a fully extended position, with feet clear of ground. When you are in the correct starting position, examiner will give the signal to begin. Pull with both arms until your chin is above the bar, then lower yourself to the fully extended position and repeat until you are unable to continue. You should not kick, “snap” your body, bend your hips or legs, or rest your chin on the bar. An assistant will steady your swing while the examiner records the number of pull-ups you completed on the score sheet.

Correct execution: Chin is above but not touching the bar. Assistant steadies swing.
Average Score = 10
Minimum Score = 5

Flexed-Arm Hang (Women)
Stand on a chair or stool positioned beneath the bar, then grasp it with both hands, palms facing forward and away from you. The assistant should then grasp your legs above ankles and lift you into starting position (arms fully flexed and chin above bar). As soon as you are in the starting position, the command “go” will be given, the assistant’s hold released and the stopwatch started. Hold this position as long as you can. The test ends and the watch is stopped when your chin comes to rest on the bar or drops below it. The elapsed time will be recorded on the score sheet.

Stopwatch is started when arms are fully flexed and chin is level with bar.
Average Score = 24 seconds
Minimum Score = 21 seconds

Standing Long Jump
With the toes of both feet positioned at the takeoff line, jump forward as far as possible. No preliminary step or hop may precede the jump. You may, of course, bend your knees, lower and raise your body, swing your arms and bring your heels off the floor while preparing to jump (feet may not leave floor completely except during the jump). Practice jumps should be taken, followed by three jumps for score. Only the longest jump will be recorded. All jumps for score are measured from the takeoff line to the rearmost heel at landing. Measurements are made to the nearest inch.

For ease in conducting the test, some examiners place a scale marked at one-inch intervals on the floor, starting at a distance of five feet from the takeoff line. Most examiners find it convenient to utilize a pointer or marker of some sort to mark the position of the rearmost heel following each jump until the measurement has been conducted and recorded on the score sheet. Note: If the candidate falls backwards after landing the examiner must mark the body part that touches the ground closest to the take-off line.

Candidate positions toes of both feet at takeoff line.
Average Score Men = 7’10” (94″)
Minimum Score Men = 6’10” (82″)
Average Score Women = 6’02” (74″)
Minimum Score Women = 5’8″ (68″)

The start position begins with your hands shoulder-width apart, elbows fully extended and body straight, with feet together or up to 12 inches apart. To complete a repetition, lower your body – maintaining a straight back – until your upper arm is parallel with ground, then return to the start position. Once the two-minute push-up period has started, you may not lift your arms or legs off the ground; however, you may rest in the “start” position. You may not bend at the waist and the knees to relax your back.

Correct “start” position.

Correct “down” position.
Average Score Men = 47
Minimum Score Men = 25
Average Score Women = 28
Minimum Score Women = 10

Kneeling Basketball Throw
The objective of this exercise is to throw a basketball as far as possible from a kneeling position on a mat or other padded surface. This test is most easily conducted by three people – an examiner and two assistants.

Kneel behind the throwing line and, using an overhead throwing motion, throw the basketball as far as possible. Keep in mind that (1) your hands may not touch the mat during the test, (2) only your knees and feet may be in contact with the mat during the test and (3) you must face the throwing line and your knees must remain parallel (alongside each other) at the throwing line and maintain constant contact (may not slide or move) with the mat throughout your throw. You are allowed practice throws before taking three throws for distance. Only the longest throw will be recorded.

Note to the examiner: In conducting this test, please concern yourself primarily with the correct execution of each of the candidate’s throws for record. One of your assistant&#8
217;s can mark the point of impact of each throw and your other assistant can help you measure the throw.

Average Score Men = 67′
Minimum Score Men = 54’
Average Score Women = 39′
Minimum Score Women = 28’
Basketball throw, starting and follow-through positions.

300-Yard Shuttle Run
This 300-yard test measures how quickly you can complete six round trips (a total distance of 300 yards) between two turning lines spaced 25 yards apart. Again, this test is most easily conducted by three people – an examiner and two assistants. This way, the examiner can concentrate on the overall conduct of the test while one assistant times the runner and the other calls out the number of round trips the runner has completed. You should run to, not past, the line while making the turn. The examiner will use the commands, “take your mark” and “go.” Remember to pace yourself so that you can complete the six rounds as quickly as possible. The number of round trips will be called out each time you return to the starting line.

Note to the examiner: Please try to arrange this test so the turn lines are not close to a wall. In the event that one of the turning lines must be against or close to a wall, advise the candidate not to touch or push-off from the wall on the turns.

Starting position. Examiner gives command “Go.” An assistant calls out the number of rounds completed.

Turns are made TO the line, NOT past.
Average Time Men = 60 sec
Maximum Time Men = 65 sec
Average Time Women = 68 sec
Maximum Time Women = 75 sec

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