Los Angeles Angels Third Baseman Zack Cozart Suffers Head and Neck Injury in Game Against Yankees

Los Angeles Angels Third Baseman Zack Cozart’s helmet fell off during a head-first slide into second base on Monday April 22, 2019 during a game against the New York Yankees. After his helmet fell off, his head hit the left shin of Yankees second baseman DJ LeMahieu while ending the slide. His cervical spine appeared to experience some compression or “jamming” and lateral flexion to the left. Cozart appeared uncomfortable after the collision, holding his head and lying prone for a short time. He did not appear to lose consciousness.

Cozart left the game and was assessed by staff. Initially there was no comment on whether Cozart was being test for concussion, but the Angels confirmed he hurt his head and neck.

On Tuesday April 23, 2019 Cozart’s status was listed day-to-day and his “Due Back” was listed TBD.

Video of the play and slide was available on an MLB article Cozart evaluated after hurting head, neck.