Strength Coach or Strength and Conditioning Coach

A Strength and Conditioning Coach is a coach that is in charge of the physical development, fitness, and conditioning plan for sports teams. Strength coaches are most well-known as strength and conditioning coordinators for the players of NFL and college football teams. The lead coach is given the title of Head Strength and Conditioning Coach. There are also other individuals that assist the program and are given the title of Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, Strength and Conditioning Assistant or Physical Development Coordinator.

In practice, Strength and Conditioning Coaches have responsibilities that are closer to a Personal Trainer than a Coach. However, Strength Coaches work very closely with the coaching department of teams and are categorized as coaches. Strength and Conditioning Coaches also work closely with Athletic Trainers and Team Physicians to keep players and teams in top shape.

The main responsibilities of Strength and Conditioning Coaches includes the following:

Injury Prevention.

Build player strength, speed, power and size, depending on the specific needs of different team positions — especially important during the off-season.

Maintain player strength, speed, power and size during the season. Training during the  season is tricky, because exercise routines and schedules must occur around games, recovery from games, recovery from injuries, and adjust to energy requirements of games and practices.

Work with team physicians and athletic trainers and injured athletes to help them heal and recover from injuries so they can return as an active player.

Meet with team physicians and athletics trainers to improve the Strength and Conditioning program year-to-year.

Strength and Conditioning Coaches also often work with the wives and families of players and coaches to promote a wellness lifestyle for the families of coaches and players.