Goals: Make a Vision Statement Like Devin Hester

Hey rookies. Want some advice?
Take everything you want to do next season … and write it down.
Like, be a starter.
Or set an NFL record.
Or make the Pro Bowl.
But you still would never put …
I’m gonna run the opening kickoff of the Super Bowl back for a touchdown.

Not in your wildest dreams.

— Devin Hester #23

You can use Exercisereports.com to enter vision statements or mission statements. It is great to have goals, but entering them in a journal gives more power to your dreams and aspirations.

Go all out and produce a great a video with segments of your goals. Visualize your success with your video aspirations. Put the segments together to music that motivates you to successful performances and puts you in the mood toward attaining your goals.

Know your plan … Anytime. Anywhere.

Transcript from EA Playstation Two (PS2) Madden NFL 2008 commercial with rookie advice from Chicago Bears Devin Hester. Devin Hester has not endorsed Exercise-Reports.com. Video is used as an example of a successful football player’s use of goal-setting.

Keywords: Super Bowl XLI, Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts, February 4, 2007