Oscar de la Hoya! Are Photos with Scores Stripper Milana Dravnel Real?

What’s Up with Your Cross-Dressin’ Boy Oscar de la Hoya? With the capabilities of photo-editing software these days, we may never know if photos that emerged in September 2007 are edited (“photoshopped”) or if they are authentic.

On Fox News Thursday afternoon Neil Cavuto interviewed “smoking hot” Milana Dravnel, 22, and Salvatore Strazzullo, her fast-talking lawyer, about a lawsuit that stated that Dravnel’s image has been tarnished and that she was portrayed as a liar by the press. All this happened after Milana Dravnel sold compromising photos of Oscar De La Hoya in September 2007 to a website for $70,000. Then she recanted the photos and her claim that she had a relationship with Oscar de la Hoya. Dravnel’s lawsuit claims that she was forced to recant to the New York Daily News after being told by De La Hoya’s attorney, Stephen Espinoza, that FBI detectives “were interested in speaking” to her. Dravnel agreed to recant previous statements about the photos, which showed Oscar De La Hoya dressed in women’s underwear;  to recant previous statements about her relationship with De La Hoya, and to not sell any other photographs.

A YouTube video (no longer available) opines the photos are real and suggests proof by comparing known, authentic photographs of Oscar de la Hoya with the alleged real photos in women’s underwear. Milana Dravnel’s attorney Salvatore Strazullo claims that Dravnel took photos of Oscar de la Hoya in women’s dress during a May 17, 2007 visit to the Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia.

During the FOX NEWS interview, Milana, appearing emotionally snakebitten, said her relationship with Oscar de la Hoya was not sexual. Milana and her attorney said they are seeking $100 million in damages, claiming fraud, defamation and infliction of emotional distress, which includes punitive damages. Cavuto asked Milana if it wasn’t Oscar de la Hoya that had the damaged reputation.

Strazzullo told The LA Times that Dravnel was De La Hoya’s mistress from January 2006 until May of 2007, but that De La Hoya ended the relationship with Dravnel because “he’s a married man who’s regarded very highly, with this perfect image.” Apparently Dravnel met de la Hoya while dancing at Scores West on 28th Street in Manhattan.

Oscar de la Hoya — nicknamed the Golden Boy — is an Mexican American/Chicano boxer who won a gold medal for the United States Boxing Team at the Barcelona Olympic Games.  De La Hoya became Ring Magazine’s “Fighter of the Year” in 1995 and Ring Magazine’s best “Pound for Pound” fighter in the world in 1997. His fights throughout his entire career have generated a total of almost half a billion dollars in sales alone. De La Hoya defeated over a dozen world champions and has won 6 world titles. De La Hoya’s amateur career included 223 wins, 163 by way of knockout and only 5 losses. He won the United States only boxing gold medal at the 1992 Summer Olympics, knocking down his opponent, a win which he dedicated to his deceased mother.

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