Controlling Pop-up Balloons from on

Most outlinks from are set to show a balloon pop-up from that shows a mini-view of the web page that corresponds to the link on the page.

If your privacy settings block pop-ups in Internet Explorer, the mini-view balloons from will not appear.

You can still block pop-ups, but allow the balloons to appear by controlling your Privacy settings as follows:

Go to the Tools menu in Internet Explorer and select Internet Options.
Click on the Privacy tab to see the following displayed on your computer:

Next, click on the Settings button in the lower right of the Privacy window to see the following displayed on your computer:

Type “” (without quotes) in the “Address of Web site to allow:” field.
Next click the Add button and * will appear in the “Allowed sites:” list field.
Click the Close button to finish.

Firefox and Apple’s Safari browser will still show the balloon pop-ups even if pop-ups are set to be blocked.

The pop-up balloons also have settings buttons in the upper-right of the balloons that lead to controls that can disable the pop-balloons.