Men and Sexual Longevity

Men can take action to protect their sexual desires and abilities throughout life, especially by tending to physiological and emotional health. 

Jim Pfaus, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at Concordia University in Montreal who studies the biology of libido offers this advice. With some regular sex drive maintenance, sexual desire and performance can be lifelong. Frequent, stimulating sex keeps the brain wanting and expecting more sex later in life. Regular, cardio style or aerobic exercise also helps sex drive. Increased blood flow is physiological helpful to the physiology of arousal. The beneficial effect of exercise toward sexual performance is long lasting, not just immediate.

According to David Rowland, sex expert and professor of psychology at Valparaiso University, there’s no biological reason why an older man can’t continue with a strong libido.

Julian Davidson of Stanford University conducted research that concluded that sex drive can overcome decreased testosterone, the male hormone that promotes sex drive. He reported that about one-third of men with extremely low testosterone levels (often due to testicular disease) still had frequent, satisfying sex. He concluded that the men with persistent sex drive had a drive that did not require hormonal assistance.

It is also important to prevent obesity because male fat cells secrete estrogen, which can decrease sex drive. Obesity might mean more to love, but it can cause interference with body mechanics in sexual performance.

Maintain good circulation by avoiding smoking and avoiding excess drinking

Some types of stress can increase sexual drive, but other types of stress, especially prolonged stress, can decrease sexual drive. Relaxation and meditation procedures and physical exercise can help return sex drive.

It is also important to prevent chronic resentment, especially over a power struggle, or chronic routine can destroy sex drive in a relationship.

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