Make Up or Break Up

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You two love birds got a favorite song? Maybe you need help finding one. Don’t want to miss a thing (Hint: Aerosmith on iTunes)?  Check it out here.

Is it over? Maybe. Maybe not. Don’t you just wonder if those songs on the radio (Hint: Donna Summer on iTunes) are trying to tell you something.

Is it over for sure? Maybe you need to make a CD or a playlist to set your mind in the right mood. Time for you to fly or time for me to fly (Hint: REO Speedwagon on iTunes) …

Break Up/Make Up Key to Song Listings
Singer is really singing the blues, whining and sobbing — 1 (sad) to 5 (really sad)
Singer is mad — 1 (mad and done) to 5 (mad and I ought to … but you’re not worth it)
Singer is a stalker BEWARE — 1 (watch the shadows) to 5 (call the police)
Singer is a fool for love — 1 (fool me once, shame on you) to 5 (stop walking in the rain)
Singer is shy — 1 (who are you?) to 5 (I know you, but you don’t even know I exist)
Singer got burned — 1 (that hurts) to 5 (that really hurts, love stinks)
Singer didn’t see it coming — 1 (oh well) to 5 (where did that train come from?)
Singer wanted to break up anyway — 1 (why didn’t I think of that?) to 5 (thanks for saving me the trouble)
Singer is hopeful — 1 (I wish) to 5 (I’m begging you!)
Singer much better off now — 1 (my dog is more fun) to 5 (you should see my new partner!)
Happy together — 1 (but I don’t trust you) to 5 (it’s great! better than ever)

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