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Exercise-Reports.com is the marketing and introduction section of online exercise, fitness, sports medicine and wellness information for individuals and teams. Check Exercise-Reports.com for an overview of the website description for exercisereports.com and an introduction to using exercisereports.com for online personal training or as an online workout journal. For a definition of terms related to blogging exercise records, personal goals and accomplishments, see Exercise-Reports.com/blogglossary.

Exercisereports.com is the working area of collections of articles on exercise, exercise programming, fitness, sports medicine and wellness information. Exercisereports.com is also the private working area for user exercises, user exercise programming, vision statements, goals and other customized recordkeeping related to human performance, fitness and wellness.

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If you would like to integrate your own online exercise journal with personalized records, goals and Internet features, exercisereports.com is your own personal dashboard to success in human performance. A paid subscription is required for your own online exercise journal. If you want to signup for your own exercise journal, please contact Exercise-Reports.com at

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An article list below the ex•er•cise definition includes tips, tool information and support issues.
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noun from Middle French exercice, from Latin exercitium, from exercitare to train, exercise, frequentative of exercEre to train, occupy, from ex- + arcEre to enclose, hold off. See ARK below
1 a : bringing into play or realizing in action : USE b : the discharge of an official function or professional occupation c : the act or an instance of carrying out the terms of an agreement (as an option) <exercise your right>
2 a : regular or repeated use of a faculty or bodily organ b : bodily exertion for the sake of developing and maintaining physical fitness
3 : something performed or practiced in order to develop, improve, or display a specific power or skill <arithmetic exercises>
4 : a performance having a strongly marked secondary or ulterior aspect <party politics has always been an exercise in compromise — H. S. Ashmore>
5 a : a maneuver, operation, or drill carried out for training and discipline b plural : a program including speeches, announcements of awards and honors, and various traditional practices of secular or religious character <commencement exercises>

ark  noun Middle English, from Old English arc, from Latin arca chest; akin to Latin arcEre to hold off, defend, Greek arkein, Hittite hark- to have, hold
1 a : a boat or ship held to resemble that in which Noah and his family were preserved from the Flood b : something that affords protection and safety
2 a : the sacred chest representing to the Hebrews the presence of God among them b : a repository traditionally in or against the wall of a synagogue for the scrolls of the Torah

Modified from Merriam-Webster Online

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