USNA Admissions Physical Aptitude Exam

From the USNA Admissions website:

The physical aptitude exam is included in your candidate admission package.  The test consists of a 300-yard shuttle run, a kneeling basketball throw, a standing long jump, push-ups and either pull-ups for men or a flexed-arm hang for women.  The purpose of the test is to evaluate coordination, strength, speed, agility and endurance.  The test can be administered by anyone with a physical education degree or an active duty officer.  Candidates accustomed to regular physical activity should have no difficulty with the physical aptitude examination.  Being properly conditioned prior to Induction Day cannot be overemphasized.  You will be far better prepared to meet the stringent physical demands of plebe summer if you maintain a high level of physical fitness during high school.

Midshipmen as well as all active duty Navy personnel take the Physical Readiness Test twice a year.  This test consists of a 1.5 mile run, push-ups in two minutes, and sit-ups in two minutes.  The standards for midshipmen are more challenging than fleet standards.  The following minimums may be used as a guide for prospective candidates:

  Men Women
1.5 mile run (max) 10:30 12:40
Push-ups (min in 2 mins) 40 18
Sit-ups (min in 2 mins) 65 65

As a regular part of the Physical Education program at the Naval Academy all midshipmen are required to pass this test.

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