How to Plan an Active Vacation Tailor-Made for You

A break from your routine doesn’t have to mean a break from your fitness regimen. While some people would rather sit on the beach and sip cocktails, the more adventurous out there may want to incorporate fitness in their getaway. If you want to plan an active vacation, follow these tips to make the most of your trip.

Determine What Activities You’ll Do

Understanding what you want to experience is an essential first step to creating your vacation itinerary. Are you a hiking buff with tons of summits under your belt looking for a challenge? Or maybe you’re more of a casual hiker in search of great views. Know your limits and interests before you plan your expedition.

Choose Your Destination Wisely

Not all locations can accommodate all fitness activities. If you’re looking to hike steep and stunning mountains, the city streets of Tokyo may not be for you. Instead, turn your search toward a more mountainous destination like Machu Picchu or Yellowstone. The right location makes planning an active vacation tailored to your needs that much easier.

Push Yourself, But Not Too Far

Give yourself a challenge, but make sure it’s not so difficult that it slows you down. A vacation is not the time to push yourself past your limits. Plan appropriate vacation adventures that allow you to experience every activity on your list to the fullest.

Plan a Variety of Excursions

Traveling is all about gaining new experiences. Rather than letting yourself get in a rut by doing the same thing each day, add a bit of variation to your activities. If you’re a fan of both seascapes and mountain views, make plans for both surfing and mountain biking to give yourself that variety.

Pack Everything You’ll Need

Once your destination and activities are planned out, it’s time to pack. To perform at your best, you’ll need the gear to match. No matter what you’re doing though, sturdy gym shoes are a must. Want to practice yoga on your hotel balcony? Make sure you pack a mat and some resistance bands to make the most out of your practice. The key to the perfect active vacation is all in the details.

Be Flexible

Don’t forget, you’re going on vacation to have fun. A rainy day or a canceled excursion shouldn’t ruin your whole trip. Plan your active vacation ahead, but don’t stress too hard if it’s not executed perfectly. By going with the flow, you can return home feeling fulfilled and refreshed.