The Woman Who Can’t Forget … Jill Price and Bart Davis Interviewed on Fox

In a Fox News interview Jill Davis described being tormented by her superb memory and the difficulty of remembering things a person would rather forget. We all would like to have a better memory, but would most of us really want an overwhelming flood of memories from age 14 on? Constantly playing in our heads? Good times and bad? … in vivid detail?

Jill Price is diagnosed with hyperthymestic syndrome — a condition of continuous, automatic, autobiographical recall of every day of a person’s life.

Fox News co-anchor asked Jill if she could remember the date of Easter in 1980 and Jill answered, ‘April 6.’ A quick check on Google found this top search result …

Jill Price was right!

Scientists want to study Jill for Alzheimer research.

Check out her book for this amazing story.