Sample Questions from a Father Asking About Training for His Son

[SAMPLE] The following are responses to questions from a father about training his son …

Do you include children (my son is 12) in the scope of your services?
Yes, any age that is involved sports.

How does the evaluation process work?
Evaluation depends on the sports and any conditioning or medical history. Evalution can be sports specific, biomechanically oriented (posture, gait, technique), general athleticism-oriented (e.g., SPARQ) and endurance-oriented.

What are the options for ongoing engagement?
The training rate is $60 per session. The number of sessions per week or month is pretty much set by your budget, and then follows with a design of our meetings based on the amount of time you can meet. Concurrently, the program includes online personal training and an online journal with The website is designed for individuals to collect their Internet tools for fitness, conditioning and sports performance; keep a record of their goals, competitive performance and training; and hold important media documents, such as videos, body size and fitness records; and sportmedicine record summaries. You would have private access with a user name and a password. Since your son is a minor, you would also have access to the private area so that you can monitor progress and monitor Internet safety. There is also a large amount of free information on fitness, wellness and human performance for the general public.

Where does the training occur?
Training can occur in open fields near your house, at your house, or I have a location available for weight training and cardiovascular training on the east side of Prospect Heights, Illinois, but the minimum age is 13. When we speak on the phone I can give you other options.

Are you able to help with the speed and power development?
Yes. I have been training since 1984 and I have managed these type of categories of training before. Training has changed quite a bit over the years, especially with what is available on the Internet for individuals to find information, to find programs and find equipment. My role in this era is to be a general contractor to help you with tools that you, your son and I would agree on selecting for optimal performance improvement.

The important factors in training for speed involve step frequency; stride length; core stabilization; joint function, stabilization and safety; and muscle power and safety

Here is an example of an online site that shows training techniques and more:

My expertise manages, interacts and helps with proper selection for training (program design) and manages, interacts and helps with specific techniques and operations of the training program.