Pushups with Chin/Dip Assist

This exercise is not recemmended for people with little experience with

weightlifting or gymnastics. Inspired by a male gymnast who can do

pushups without his feet on the floor.

Spotter recommended. Carefully select a weight on the Chin/Dip Assist

Machine … For me 100 LBS at body weight 190 LBS. Remember the more

weight on the Chin/Dip machine, the more assistance from the machine —

easier resistance.

Select a weight resistance level, while standing on support pad. Kneel

down to support pad and carefully extend upper body out to the floor

away from weight stack – first knees in contact with pad, then shins,

then top of feet. Extend out to pushup position. If the right weight is

selected, you will be able to gradually let the Chin/Dip padded support

platform raise your feet so that your feet-to-head angle is declined

toward your head.

Next perform carefully balanced pushups with your core stabilized. Your

shoulders and core get much more work than a regular pushup. If the

weight selected is too heavy, the Chin/Dip machine will carry your feet

upward fast and you will not be able to move downward for another rep.

If the weight is too light, you will not move a single rep upward from

the floor.

A spotter is helpful to prevent you from rising too fast. A spotter is

also helpful to protect you from neighboring weightlifters and passerbys

who are not accustomed to this variation of use of the machine who could

accidentally drop a weight on you or step on you.

— mb