Fitness Questions and Answers


All topics about fitness, sports performance, work performance, health promotion, and wellness are fair game for questions and answers.

Questions are posted as they arrive, so some answers will be ON THE WAY, or IN DEVELOPMENT or just plain CASE CLOSED!

Keep in mind that while many categories of the human body are very similar from person-to-person, we all have some individual characteristics that can be very specific to our own minds and bodies. Therefore, even though we are — for the most part — genetically very similar, some of us have specific genetic traits or environmental experiences that might require very specific answers to questions. Answers are produced for the general public, with an attempt to mention exceptions to the rule. Just keep in mind, you can learn from the general population, but your best performance enhancement and health promotion results from a journey of learning the specifics about your body as you discover your own inborn traits, your experiences (for example: victories, losses, illnesses and injuries) and your own aging process.