Blood Pressure 150/90

BP 150/90.
BP 140/90
BP 136/90
BP 124/73  HR 79

Nurse at doctor’s office got a reading of 150/90 on left and right arm. Doctor then got a reading of about 140/90 about 10 minutes later.

Here could be a good case of White Coat Hypertension. I was also a little nervous about having a confrontation with the doctor over me having stopped taking my Diovan HCT since July 17, 2007. The doctor put me at ease,  saying I, “am the CEO governing my health care” and he “is the CFO.”

I got pretty good sleep the night before, except it was sitting in a Lazy-Boy. I had a good wakeup pressure of BP 108/63 HR 56. Then I got a little behind in making it on time to the appointment and had to skip breakfast to get there on time. I think skipping breakfast and rushing is a cause of hypertension for me. Skipping berakfast and relaxing at home is OK, but I suspect that rushing to get somewhere without breakfast. I arrived right on time at the doctor’s office, but for the first time, the doctor was behind schedule. My 10:00 appointment didn’t start until about 10:45 a.m. And when my BP was read, it was 150/90.

I noticed I didn’t get that full, relaxing breathing sensation that I correlate with my blood pressure bringing a good reading. It is almost like shortness of breath when my blood pressure is high, but not with any anxiety or definitely not severe like shortness of breath. On the way home my pressure at the firehouse was 136/90. Then at home on the LifeSource Home Test it was BP 145/84  HR 67. Twenty minutes after having oatmeal, walnuts, a banana and orange juice; it was BP 124/73  HR 79.

The doctor is having me return with my home BP tester and compare that to his office sphygmomanometer.